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Aluminum and Alumina

Some believe aluminum contributes to Alzheimers. Here's a page to discuss that.

Aluminum Lake in Pill Coatings

Valacyclovir tablet coatings contain FD&C Blue No. 2 Aluminum Lake. Is this a significant health risk?

Lake is a term from painting, which is a small particle a pigment adheres to. Here, the particle is alumina, the oxide Al₂O₃. Some cultures and woo-woo therapies eat Bentonite aluminium phyllosilicate clay.

So, the "Aluminum" in "Aluminum lake" describes the type of metallic salt in the particle; there could also be "Magnesium lakes". Aluminum is the third most common element on Earth, after oxygen (which all natural aluminum combines with) and silicon. If you want to avoid alumina, you live on the wrong planet.

Here's an article about the safety of Aluminum Lake.