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NOTE: ApoE4-aware Health Coaches are welcome to add their names to this list. Coaches can edit the list directly or email their information to us at coach-list@apoe4.info. Appearance on this list does not imply endorsement by ApoE4.Info, Inc. For fuller legal context, check out our Terms of Use. When available, links to the pertinent review topic in the Practitioner Reviews forum are provided.

If you would like to add your information to the list, please consider following this format to help those in need of coaching services compare coaches:

  • Name
  • Degrees, licenses, certifications
  • Best contact: Email address and/or Phone number
  • Website link
  • ApoE4.info alias (userID)
  • Time zone (location optional)
  • Coaching mode (telephone, online, in person)
  • Fee Scale, packages or discounts, duration of typical sessions
  • Other information: Specialized training/other experience/languages other than English

Samantha Anderson, MA; Certified ReCODE Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Additional Certifications: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Apollo Health KetoFLEX 12/3 Group Support Coach

Best Contact: samantha@essential-wholeness.com / 973-850-9678

Website: www.essential-wholeness.com

ApoE4.info User Name: Slboval

Time Zone: Eastern U.S. Time Zone

Coaching Mode: telephone, online, in person

Fee Scale:

  • Free 30 minute Consultation
  • ReCODE Coaching for Optimal Brain Health (Prevention + Reversal): 6-12 Session Packages offered, with 20% discount for ApoE4.info members
  • Leading Apollo Health Support Group on "Integrating the KetoFLEX 12/3® Brain Food Pyramid":
    • Helping you put cognition-enhancing foods and practices such as fasting, and incorporating healthy fats and non-starchy foods into your diet.
    • Group Coaching Programs and One-on-One Coaching offered: Contact for pricing, packages start at $599 (not incl ApoE4 member discount).

Angela Balboa, BS Human Nutrition, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Recode 2.0 Certified Coach, APOE4-Aware Health Coach

Owner/Founder: Big Life Wellness LLC.

Website: biglifewellness.com IG:@big_life_wellness Website:

ApoE4.info support intern Mar-Aug 23: abalboa

Time Zone: Central U.S. Time

Coaching offered via telephone, Zoom, or in person

Other information: Extensive background in health and nutrition with a focus on mindful living and brain health. Deep understanding and compassion in dealing with a diagnosis of carrying APOE4 and as a family member and caregiver for a loved one with AD. Experience with coaching/collaboration in a residential facility setting & within the family system.


  • 20 minute FREE Introduction Session
  • 90 minute Initial Consultation and Client Set up Session- $110
  • 1 month Package: 3 coaching session and unlimited online support: $330
  • 3 month package: 10 coaching sessions package: $995
  • ReCODE report input (one-time) - $95
  • ReCODE report input + update- $145

Jennifer Balzano, SeaChange Health Coach

M.A.; Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Email: jbalz600@gmail.com

Phone: 410.746.4663

ApoE4 Intern: User Name: seachangehealthcoach

Coaching Mode: Virtual and phone coaching sessions available

  • Free 30 minute intro session
  • Changing Tides Coaching Package: 5 (45 minute sessions)= $350.
  • Re-Anchoring Coaching Package (for return clients): 3 (45 minute sessions)= $210.

Other Information:

  • Kindness Coaches Volunteer
  • Personal experience with chronic migraines; living the protocol

Daniel Barber, MS, Certified ReCODE Health Coach, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, APOE4-Aware Health Coach

Email: daniel@BeatAlzheimersNow.org

Best contact: 307-690-7847

Website: www.BeatAlzheimersNow.org

ApoE4.info Username: BookHound

Time zone: US Mountain Time Zone

Coaching mode: telephone, online

Other Information: BeatAlzheimersNow.org. and iChooseHealth.org are owned by I Choose Health LLC, a Wyoming based "not primarily for profit" LLC located in Jackson WY. We serve clients remotely with no geographical boundaries.


  • 30-minute FREE Introductory Session
  • 15-minute FREE post Introductory Session Fee structure discussion*
  • 90-minute Initial Consultation and Client Set up Session- $100*
  • 1 month Package: 4 coaching 45-minute sessions and unlimited online support: $300*
  • 3-month package: 10 coaching 45-minute sessions & online support package: $700*
  • ReCODE report input (one-time) - $75*
  • ReCODE report input + update- $125*
  • All fees are suggested based on the value of the service provided but are adjustable based on the client's ability to pay. Potential clients are encouraged to clarify their ability to pay and define a service rate structure that works for their finances in a free post introductory session discussion with their coach.

Allison Blankenship, MA, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Website: http://www.BloomAgainHealth.com

Email: Allison@BloomAgainHealth.com

Facebook: @bloomagainhealth

Phone: 972-528-8600

ApoE4.info userid/alias: BloomAgain

Location: Dallas, Texas (US Central Time Zone)

Coaching Mode: Virtual coaching via video or phone

Fees: 6-Week & 12-Week Coaching Packages, starting at $697

Other Information: National Board Certified Health Coach specializing in Anti-Aging Lifestyle, Brain Health & Dementia/Alzheimer’s Risk Reduction

  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBHWC 2018)
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCA 2018)
  • Masters Degree, Biomedical Communications, Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical School
  • Qualified ReCODE Practitioner (Apollo Health/Bredesen Protocol)
  • Trained in The Bredesen Protocol, “Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches” (FMCA 2020)
  • “Preventing Dementia 2019” (Univ. of Tasmania/Wicking Dementia Centre)
  • “Understanding Dementia 2020” (Univ. of Tasmania/Wicking Dementia Centre)
  • Successfully living The Bredesen Protocol since 2018 -- I understand the overwhelm and the many challenges of lifestyle modification!

Tess Bredesen, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Contact: tessbredesen@gmail.com 415-412-8377

Website: siabrainhealth.com (Sia Brain Health), Recipes: siabrainhealth.com/recipes

Location: San Francisco, CA (Pacific Time Zone)

Coaching modes: Video Conference, In Person (Bay Area)

Fee Scale, packages or discounts:

  • Prevention Program
  • Reversal Program
  • One Time Consultations (60 minutes)
  • Group programs available (groups of 3+)

Other information:

  • Degree in Nutrition from UC Berkeley
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant by Full-Circle Learning, a program sponsored by Kaiser Permanente
  • Recipe Developer: Bredesen Protocol/Brain Health recipes
  • Limited Spanish

Carrie A Brumfield, MPH, MBA, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Contact: carriebrum@gmail.com 310-924-1517

Website: CarrieBrumfield.com

ApoE4.info userid/alias: ccfield

Location: Austin, TX (US Central Time Zone)

Coaching Mode: by telephone, video conference, or in person

Typical session duration: First session = 60 minutes, follow-up sessions = 30-45 minutes

  • ApoE4.info Intern during FMCA Practicum

Lindsey Byrne, FMCHC, Certified ReCODE 2.0 Health Coach: The Cognitive Health Coach

The Cognitive Health Coach is a UK based Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) and Certified ReCODE 2.0 Health Coach working with individuals, families and groups to help clients to prioritise the changes they want to make and find sustainable ways to fit them into their lifestyle.

Contact: hello@thecognitivehealthcoach.co.uk

Website: www.thecognitivehealthcoach.co.uk

ApoE4.info userid/alias: TCHC

Location: Supporting UK clients

Coaching Modes: Zoom

  • apoe4.info members contact by email to receive a 10% discount
  • Free 20 minute exploratory session, book Here
  • Rates and packages see Here
  • Coming soon: Group coaching

Magdalena Calabrese, MS, Certified Recode Practitioner by IFM, FMCHC

Contact: magdalena.calabrese@gmail.com / 347 409 7434

ApoE4.info userid/alias: Magda

Location: New York, (US Eastern Standard Time)

Coaching Modes: by telephone, online

Fees: Free 30 min Introductory Session / Single session $65 / Package of five $300 / 3 month membership / discount for ApoE4.info members

Session Duration: Typically sessions are 45min. long

  • Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches (Collaboration of FMCA, Dr. Bredesen and IFM)
  • Certified ReCODE Practitioner by IFM (December 2017)
  • University of Bridgeport MS in Human Nutrition (student)
  • ApoE4.info intern during FMCA practicum
  • ApoE4.info support volunteer
  • Fluent in English and Polish

Sara Albright Capece, MBA, Certified ReCODE Practitioner/Coach, FMCHC, NBC-HWC

Have you tested positive for Apoe4 or been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia or Parkinson’s Disease? Are you looking to implement the ReCODE/REVERSE Protocol or simply fine tune your lifestyle? Are you aware that Dr. Bredesen has stated that practitioners and individuals who enlist the support of a health coach are more successful and much more likely to realize sustained results".

See ApoE4.info references for additional information.

Contact: sac353b@gmail.com / 518 423 1399

Website: HealthierOnPurpose.com see testimonials

ApoE4.info userid/alias: sara

Location: Supporting clients from coast to coast and internationally

Coaching Modes: on-line or via telephone, in-home support possible depending on location

  • apoe4.info members use promotional code APOE4-10 to receive a 10% discount
  • Free -Wellness Kickstarter- / Introductory Session
  • Recode Package of five sessions $385 less discount
  • Other packages and options see here

Session Duration: Sessions typically last 50 minutes to 60 minutes.

Training Includes:

  • Institute for Functional Medicine - Reversing Cognitive Decline (ReCODE) Advanced Clinical Practitioner Training, 2017
  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy - Reversing Cognitive Decline, 2018
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, 2018
  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, 2019
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Life Coach Practitioner, 2019
  • ApoE4.info support volunteer, 2017 ongoing

Alexandra Chamorro; Bilingual English/Spanish; FMCHC; MBA-University of Miami; BBA-College of William & Mary (VA)

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach:Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

Other Certificates/Coursework:

  • ARS Culinary Academy
  • Inner MBA: Mindful NYU
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Diabetes-The Essential Facts: University of Copenhagen
  • Introduction to Food & Health: Stanford University

Best Contact: alexia@day1wellness.com

Alternate email: alexiachll@gmail.com


  • Forum username: "Alexia C"
  • ApoE4.info Support Staff Intern, September 2022-February 2023

Time Zone: Central US Standard Time

Coaching mode: Zoom/Virtual


  • Free 30-minute consultation
  • 5 (45 minute) Sessions Package- $300
  • 3 (45 minute) Sessions Package-$200
  • 25% discount for ApoE4 members

Other information:

  • 10 yrs. restaurant/gourmet store owner (Sal y Pimienta).
  • Can assist clients with menu development to motivate healthy/nutritious eating habits.
  • Avid horticulturist-can assist clients with growing organic/herb/vegetables.
  • Fluent in Spanish and English.

Trish Chaput, Precision Nutrition L2 certified coach

Contact: coach@discoverhealthfmc.org, 603.447.3112

Website: discoverhealthfmc.com

ApoE4.info userid/alias: Coach Trish

Time zone: New Hampshire, Eastern Time

Coaching mode: In person, Telehealth video conference or phone

Fee Scale:

  • Complimentary 20 minute phone consult ($0) to answer questions about our approach and determine if we are a good fit.
  • ReCODE and PreCODE packages available for individuals with Apollo Health accounts.
  • Functional Medicine Fundamentals - Cognitive Health Focus 3-month program for new clients.
  • Individual sessions and discount 6 or 12 session coaching packages available.

Typical session: 30 - 60 minutes.

Other information:

  • I work in a Functional Medicine practice, directly supporting a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who is also a ReCode trained Functional Medicine Practitioner.
  • I have experience supporting clients through the various steps of PreCode and ReCode.
  • I also have experience helping clients navigate food sensitivities, mold exposure and auto-immune conditions.

Marie Coburn, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Contact: thehealthybraincoaching@gmail.com, 505.670.4588

ApoE4.info userid/alias: floramaria

Time zone: Northern New Mexico, Mountain Time

Coaching mode: In person, Telehealth video conference or phone

Fee Scale:

  • Complimentary 20 minute consult ($0) to determine if we are a good fit, and clarify what health coaches can and cannot do.
  • ReCODE and PreCODE packages available for individuals with Apollo Health accounts
  • Individual sessions available for those who just needs a little support with following a wellness protocol.

Typical session: Most sessions are one hour.

Other information:

  • Qualified ReCODE Practitioner with Apollo Health.
  • Certified ReCODE 2.0 Health Coach
  • Completed Reversing Cognitive Decline Advanced Clinical Training in March 2017
  • ApoE4.Info Support Team volunteer since 2017
  • ApoE 3/4, following the Bredesen Protocol™ myself
  • Certified Qigong/TaiChi Instructor
  • Moderate competency in Spanish

Deborah Cox, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Contact: deb@awakenhealthinyou.com 775-781-2409

ApoE4.info alias: dcox

Location: Carson City, Nevada area (US Pacific Time Zone)

Coaching Mode: In person, video conferencing, or phone

Fees: $85/session, Free 20-30 minute discovery/introductory session, 10% discount for packages.

Typical Session: First (foundation) session 90 minutes, follow-up sessions 60 minutes

  • Completed Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches course (a collaboration of FMCA, IFM and Dr. Dale Bredesen)
  • ApoE4.info support intern - September 2018-February 2019
  • National Board Certified-Health and Wellness Coach
  • 25+ years experience in healthcare as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist

Maureen Dorney, NB-HWC, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Recode Coach by FMHCA

Contact: maureen@dogwoodpilates.com 650.804.0426

ApoE4.info userid/alias: msdorney

Location: Western North Carolina (US Eastern Standard Time)

Coaching Modes: by telephone, online, in person in Western North Carolina

Fees: Free 60 min Introductory Session, 50% discount for ApoE4.info members after that.

Session Duration: Typically, sessions are 45 min. long

· Volunteer Coach for the Faculty at the University of Maryland, Baltimore

· ApoE4.info intern

· Certified Pilates Instructor

· BA, Oriental Languages, UC Berkeley

· JD, UC Berkeley

Dian Dossias, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Website: https://evolve-emerge-elevate.business.site/

Email: healthcoachdian@gmail.com

Facebook: @HealthCoachDD

Business Phone: 860-406-2856

ApoE4.info userid/alias: CoachDD

Time zone: US Eastern Region

Coaching mode: Coaching sessions available via telephone, video call or in-person

Fee Scale: Free 20-Minute Discovery Session, Discounted fee/packages offered exclusively for ApoE4.info members

Other information:

  • 25+ years experience in the Healthcare Industry
  • National Board Certified Candidate (certification expected in 2020)
  • Enrolling Reversing Cognitive Decline Course for Coaches (a collaboration of FMCA, IFM and Dr. Dale Bredesen)
  • Current ReCode patient/CIRS Survivor (Type 3)
  • ApoE4 support/volunteer (Facebook)

Krista Faught, Pharm.D.

Dr. Faught is a functional medicine pharmacist with Pharm To Table . Her interest in cognitive health stems from her own APOE 4/4 status. Dr. Faught's focus is on prevention of cognitive decline. She helps patients optimize their cellular and metabolic health and assists them in diet and lifestyle changes from the Bredesen Protocol. Dr. Faught is also a registered practitioner with Dr. Dayan Goodenowe and helps patients with ProdromScan plasmalogen testing and supplementation. She sees patients virtually. Health Coaching is also available specific to preventing cognitive decline and other chronic diseases.


Jen Felix, ReCODE Qualified™ Practitioner trained in the Bredesen Protocol, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, B. Sc. in Biology, NBC-HWC

Contact me through my website

Website: nurturebrainhealth.com (Nurture Brain Health)

Location: San Diego, California, USA (Pacific Standard Time zone)

Coaching Modes: videoconference, phone, and in-person in San Diego, CA

Information on Coaching Services:

  • Please see my website nurturebrainhealth.com for in-depth descriptions of my background, coaching services, and pricing
  • Free fifteen-minute phone consultation to determine if we’re a good match, $0
  • Revitalizing Brain Health online group coaching program, eight two-hour small group videoconferences over three months, $349
  • Five-session coaching packages for preventive health
  • Eight-session Bredesen Protocol coaching package for those reversing cognitive decline
  • Single consultation that can include MoCA test, CNS-VS, ReCODE Report™ intake, and data entry for ReCODE Report™ generation, $100-200 (portion of this fee can be applied toward a coaching package)
  • Custom-tailored private coaching and concierge brain health coaching within comprehensive 6-month doctor-supervised Bredesen Protocol treatment programs
  • Brain Health Optimizers support group, an outdoor, socially-distanced in-person meetup in San Diego funded by donations

Betty Holguin, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Wahls Protocol Health Care Practitioner, and Keto Mastery Specialist

I am passionate about cooking and have had the chance to participate in many cooking workshops around the world, inspiring me to explore different recipes to achieve delicious and healthy results, even for "picky eaters".

Contact: mevinodepelos@gmail.com

ApoE4.info alias: bettyholguin

Location: Ecuador

Languages: Spanish (native speaker) and English

Time: US Eastern Time (During US Daylight Savings Time, Equador is at US Central Time)

Coaching Mode: online, via Zoom

  • Free 30-minute getting to know you call
  • 1 session $35 - 5 sessions $120 - 8 sessions $150 - 12 sessions $300
  • Typical Session: The first session is about an hour, and the follow-up sessions around 45 minutes
  • Typical Schedule: Weekly or twice monthly; defined by mutual agreement

Ashley Howell, FMCHC, NBC-HWC

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach; National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Experience: 8 years of experience health coaching in an internal medicine practice with APOE 4 positive patients on therapeutic lifestyle change; inspired by Dr Bredesen's research

Email: fmhealthcoachcashley@gmail.com

Weebsite: http://www.mymodernmedicine.com/

ApoE4.info user name:"fmhealthcoachashley"

Location: U.S. Central Time Zone

Appointment options: telephone, online (Zoom, Skype) or in person

Fee: $125-$150/hour, typical sessions last 30-60 minutes

Lucie Jolicoeur, FMCHC, AFMCP, B.Sc. in Molecular Biology

Contact: lucie@hygia.ca / toll-free number Canada/USA: +1-888-556-4459 or cell: +1-416-400-0606

Website: ENGLISH: www.hygia.ca FRANÇAIS: www.fr.hygia.ca

ApoE4.info userid/alias: jolicoeur

Time zone:GMT -4:00 ( Eastern Time Canada/USA). Always available when in a different time zone

Coaching mode:on line, on Practice Better  on PC, phones or tablets

Fee Scale: different packages are offered on my website or on Practice Better and proposals are possible depending on your needs

In English:  https://p.bttr.to/3fz9Lld

En français: https://p.bttr.to/3m4ecqL

Duration: 1st session 45 minutes, subsequent or maintenance sessions 30 minutes

Other information:

  • Completed the 'Reverse Cognitive Decline' for coaches at FMCA - Dr. Dale Bredesen's protocol
  • Listed on Apollo Health as a Recode Certified Health Coach (Recode report)
  • Experience with coaching on Bredesen’s protocol
  • ApoE4.info Intern during FMCA Practicum
  • Speaks English. Je parle français.

Julie Kenney, FMCHC

Contact: JKenney@ChameleonWellness.com

Website: Chameleon Wellness

ApoE4.info alias: Chameleon

Location/time zone: Boston, MA (US Eastern Time Zone)

Coaching mode: Phone or video/virtual

Fee Scale: Free 15-Minute Introductory Session, Discounted fee/packages offered for ApoE4.info members

Other information:

  • Support Groups offered for Caregivers
  • Currently enrolled the Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches course (a collaboration of FMCA, IFM and Dr. Dale Bredesen)
  • ApoE4.info Intern

Korie Leigh, PhD, CCLS, CT, FMCHC

Contact: korie@functionalhealthandwellness.org

Website: Functional Health and Wellness

ApoE4.info alias: Korie

Location/time zone: Boston, MA (US Eastern Time Zone)

Coaching mode: In person coaching for Boston area clients; distance is offered via Zoom or phone

Fee Scale: Packages are sliding scale ranging from $250-2,000

Other information:

  • Intensives, retreats, and trainings offered for organizations
  • PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Grief Counseling, Positive Psychology, Graduate Professor, Reiki & Energy Medicine

Renny Letswalo, Functional Medicine Health Coach; Recode Certified Coach; MS Wahl Certified Practitioner; Weight Loss Expert; DNA Analysis Practitioner

Contact: Renny@inheritanceacademy.com

Website: inheritanceacademy

ApoE4.info alias: RenLets (ApoE4 Health Coach intern 2020)

Time zone: Telehealth mode; prefer hours during 8:00 AM-12:00 Noon CT

Coaching mode: Remote, via online platforms Zoom, Teams and Google meet


  • $70 for 30-minute coaching session.
  • A 6-session package is $400, with an extra free 30-min for the first session.

The sessions are designed based on where the clients is at. I prefer for clients to commit on 12-month journey with my support, so together we see and track the results.

Other information: I coach in English only, and draw on the skills and expertise of various doctors. I have keen interest in helping people with chronic disease. I love interpreting lab test results, taking people through their weight loss journey, supporting people in managing conditions such as uncontrollable Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular, Auto Immune (MS & Rheumatoid Arthritis), Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Support for Elderly as well as Caregivers.

Gina Lockwood-Sheehan, NBC-HWC; FMCA Health Coach; M.A. in Organization Psychology (Columbia University: Teachers College)

Contact: gina@fortewellnesscoaching.com

Website: http://www.fortewellnesscoaching.com

ApoE4.info alias: (GLS18)

Time Zone: (EST)

Coaching Mode: Telephone, video conferencing, and in person (if local to NYC)

Fees & packages: For packages and duration of typical sessions, please refer to my website.

Other Information:

  • Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches: Bredesen Protocol Certification
  • Beginning ReCODE 2.0 Training for Coaches shortly
  • ApoE4.info support intern (September 2018 - February 2019)

Julie Luby, MS, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Contact: julie@cogwellcoaching.com 630-215-4819 Website: CogwellCoaching.com

ApoE4.info alias: JML

Location: Chicago, IL area (US Central Time Zone)

Coaching Mode: by telephone, video conference, or in person

Fees: $90 per hour, 20% discount for package of 5 sessions (20-minute FREE Introductory Session)

Typical session duration: First session = 60 - 75 minutes, follow-up sessions = ~60 minutes

  • Completed the Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches course (a collaboration of FMCA, IFM and Dr. Dale Bredesen)
  • Attended Dr. Bredesen’s first Patient Immersion in 2017 in support of a family member with cognitive impairment and is attempting to live the Bredesen Protocol herself
  • ApoE4.info support team volunteer and intern coordinator
  • Certified ReCODE 2.0 for Coaches from Apollo Health
  • Leading Care Partner Support Groups, Toxin Support Groups, and Forum Moderator for Apollo Health

Linda Meeks, MS, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Bredesen Recode 2.0 Certified

Contact: wellnesswithlm@gmail.com. 253-508-4926 Website: www.wellnesswithlinda.com

ApoE4.info alias: Ltmeeks

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Coaching Mode: telephone, video conference, or in person

Fees: $95 per hour, 10% discount for package of 4 sessions (30-minute FREE Introductory Session)

Typical session duration: First session = 60 - 90 minutes, follow-up sessions = ~60 minutes

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches in 2013
  • Certified ReCODE 2.0 for Coaches from Apollo Health in 2020
  • ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2011
  • Facilitator of ReCode Support Group for Apollo Health

Julie Owen Morris, PhD, CCC/SLP; FMCHC

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Doctor of Philosophy in Speech-Language Pathology

Masters of Education

Bachelors of Science

Best contact: julie@functionalautoimmunity.com

Website: www.functionalautoimmunity.com

ApoE4.info Username: juliemorris

Location: Oklahoma; Central Time

Coaching Mode: online

Other information:

  • Graduated with doctorate Summa Cum Laude
  • Top Graduate-Level Clinician
  • Experience with assessment & treatment of people with dementia, strokes, TBI

Holly Noonan, Certified Recode 2.0 Practitioner (March 2021) Masters in Social Work, Bredesen Protocol Health Coach

Contact: Email healthyelders7@gmail.com, Phone 575-342-8021, website https://www.healthyelders.net

ApoE4.info alias (userID): HealthyElders

Time zone: Mountain Time

Coaching mode: Online, telephone..

Fees: $75/hr, $150 intake appointment

  • Specializing in Type 3 Alzheimer's/ Environmental Illness
  • Partner Member of ISEAI.org (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illesses) since 2018
  • Working as Bredesen Protocol Health Coach since Jan 2019
  • Personal experience with Environmental Illness, Living the Protocol

Melanie Rathbun, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Contact: Email: melanie@functionalvitality.ca / Phone: 604-373-0813/ Website: www.functionalvitality.ca

ApoE4.info user id/alias: Melanie R.

Pacific Time Zone: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Coaching modes:Telephone, Zoom video on HIPPA/PIPEDA compliant platform, In-person Greater Vancouver area.

  • Complimentary 20–30-minute discovery/introductory session to get to know you, and share about my coaching style and personalized package options
  • $80 USD/hour with 10% discount for packages (Enter code: VITALITY10)
  • Typical session duration: Initial intake 90 minutes with 60 minute follow up sessions

Training Includes: 

  • Completed Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches (2019) The Bredesen Protocol™
  • Listed at Apollo Health as a ReCODE/PreCODE Health Coach
  • Trained as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (2019) in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine
  • ApoE4.info intern (September- February 2020)

Natalia Reynolds, ReCODE 2.0 Health Coach, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach; BA in Psychology

Contact: natalia.reynolds9@gmail.com; phone: 785-551-0256

Website: nataliaalexandrawellness.com

ApoE4.info alias (user ID): NataliaReyn

Location: Colorado (Mountain Time Zone)

Coaching Mode: Zoom video, telephone, in-person for local clients only

Fees: Discovery Call - Free (up to 1 hour). $80/hr for all other sessions

  • Packages available for Caregiver Coaching (see website)
  • The Bredesen Protocol Coaching support

Other information:

  • Current Apoe4.info Intern (March-August 2023)
  • Bredesen-trained Health Coach
  • Current Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Alumni member
  • Personal experience with Mold Exposure and Detox protocols
  • U.S. Army Veteran

Jenny Rowland, MBA, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Contact: jenny@preserve-health.com

Website: preserve-health.com

Location: Virtual

Coaching modes: Telephone, Video, In Person (Chicago area)

Apoe4.info UserID/alias: JennyR

Other information:

  • Apoe4.info members contact me by email to receive a 10% discount
  • Complimentary 20 minute discovery call, schedule here

Carrie Siadak, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Fermentationist

Contact: carrieonwell@gmail.com

APOe4.info alias: CarrieS

Location / Time Zone: Lake Stevens, WA (US Pacific Time Zone)

Coaching Mode: Telephone, Video Conference, In Person (local)

Fees: $75.00 hour, 5 or 10 session discounted packages. Private & Group fermentation lessons (virtual and local in person) available.

  • Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches Certificate of Completion Dec 2018, APOe4 Support Volunteer, former APOe4.info Intern
  • Microbiome / Gut Health support and education
  • APOe4/4 with generational history of AD and living the protocol myself

Donna Sider, RN; Certified ReCODE Practitioner, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Contact: info@mindmendingla.com, 626 705-5752, www.mindmendingla.com

ApoE4.info alias: dscoachRN

Location: Los Angeles CA. (US Pacific Time)

Coaching mode: Coaching sessions available via telephone, video call or in-person

Fee Scale: Free 20-minute Discovery Session. Personalized packages with ApoE4 member discount!

Other information:

  • Named 'Top two' ReCODE practitioners at Apollo Health for attention to detail, consistently revised ReCODE reports
  • Coaching clients in Dr. Bredesen's program since 2017
  • Over 12 years of director-level experience in neurologic clinical research implementation, including major pharmaceutical Alzheimer's trials
  • Demonstrated strengths in building rapport, eliciting client strengths and motivating lifestyle change.

Deb Sobel, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Email: deb@encouraginghealthyhabits.com

Phone: 847-420-3879

Website: https://www.encouraginghealthyhabits.com

ApoE4.info alias: DebS

Time zone: Chicago area: Central time.

Coaching mode: telephone, video conference, or in person

Fee Scale: Complimentary discovery call

Other information:

  • Completed Reversing Cognitive Decline for Coaches course (a collaboration of FMCA, IFM and Dr. Dale Bredesen)
  • Current student University of Western State’s Master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
  • Currently working on clinical nutrition hours for state licensing.
  • Past ApoE4.info support intern

Dr. Catherine Steele, Ph.D. Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach; HCPC Registered Psychologist (UK); BPS Chartered Psychologist

Contact: Catherine@turquoisewellbeing.co.uk

Time Zone: GMT-London, UK

Coaching Mode: I offer coaching face-to-face (London, UK) and online via Zoom

Fee Scale, Packages or Discounts: Duration of typical session- £80 per 60 minute session; various packages also available.

Other information/specialized training:

  • Previous ApoE4.Info Intern
  • Brain health trained
  • Associate professor of psychology, actively involved in teaching and research
  • Currently undertaking Practitioner Training with Functional Medicine University


Lucy Townsend, Certified ReCODE Practitioner, Masters in Counseling, Bachelors in Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Certified Patient Advocate

Email: lucytownsend1@gmail.com (720) 560-1521

Website: http://functionalmedicineassociates.net

ApoE4.info alias (userID): lucytownsend

Location: Coaching clients internationally. Reside in Purcellville, Virginia ( US Eastern Standard Time)

Coaching mode: (Phone, online via Zoom, Skype, in home support)

Fee Scale packages or discounts:

  • Free 30 minute getting to know you call.
  • 3 month package $275/month ( $68.75 /session) = $825 total. Meet every 7-14 days. Research shows the most benefits is gained when working consistently with a coach for three months or more
  • 6 month package $225/month ($56.25/session) = $1350 total. Meet 18-24 sessions/every 7-14 days.
  • Monthly package $300/month ($75.00 / session) Meet 3-4 sessions /every 7-10 days.

Other information:

  • Specialize in providing the support, resources, and education to adopt the behavioral changes required for preventing and reversing cognitive decline.
  • Graduate Intern, Stanford University School of Medicine & Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Older Adult Center. Worked under the direction of preceptor to research Alzheimer's Disease patients and their caregivers. Interviewed and assessed family's using applied methodologies for data collection.

>Score, measure, coalesce, analyse, scrub and manage research database. >Counsel patient/caregiver in crisis situations by identifying their resources and coping abilities. Educate and advocate for them about immediate and foreseeable healthcare needs. >Arrange referrals to other agencies and resources in the community when appropriate. >Participate in case conferences and case reviews in accordance with established policies and procedures. >Reported data for scientific publication. >Presented abstract at the Gerontological Society of America. > Published research in Aging and Mental Health 1997:1:346-355.

  • Bay Area Alzheimers Association Support Group Facilitator.
  • 25 years experience in healthcare as a Provider, Educator, Researcher, Consultant and Patient Advocate.

Mandy Tumulty; M.A. in Human and Educational Development, GWU; Qualified ReCODE Report Practitioner™/Coach; Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC); National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

Email: info@mandytumulty.com

Phone: 240-751-9142

Website: https://www.mandytumulty.com

ApoE4.info alias (userID): CoachMT

Location/Time zone: DC Metro Area (US Eastern Standard Time)

Coaching modes: telephone, video conference or in-person (if near Gaithersburg, MD)

Fees & packages:

  • 20 minute FREE Introductory/Discovery Session
  • 90 minute Initial Coaching Consultation- $110
  • 5 coaching sessions package- $397
  • BRONZE Package- 5 Bredesen ReCODE Protocol coaching sessions - $397
  • SILVER Package- 5 Bredesen ReCODE Protocol coaching sessions & 3 months ReCODE report updates - $497
  • GOLD Package- 11 Bredesen ReCODE Protocol coaching sessions & 3 months ReCODE report updates - $997
  • ReCODE report (one-time update) - $97
  • ReCODE report (two-time update package)- $157
  • ReCODE report data management hourly fee- $57

Typical Session Duration: 1st session (Initial Coaching Consultation) 60-75 minutes; Follow-up sessions 45 minutes,10% discount for ApoE4.info members

Training Includes:

  • ApoE4.info support intern (March- August 2019)
  • Reversing Cognitive Decline (RCD) for Coaches, December 2018; (a collaboration between FMCA and Dr. Dale Bredesen, The Bredesen Protocol™)
  • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), July 2018
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), February 2018

Languages: English, Spoken Spanish fluency, beginning to intermediate competency for health coaching

Julie Wendt, Masters in Integrative Health and Nutrition, Licensed Nutritionist in DC and MD, Certified Recode Practitioner by IFM, and Brain Longevity Teacher by ARPF

Contact: julie@brainpowerlife.com, www.brainpowerlife.com

ApoE4.info alias: jwendt24

Time zone: EST

Coaching mode: Combination of in person and virtual

Fees: For 1:1 consultation $200 for initial 75 minute intake and $150 for 45 minute follow up. Offering a group coaching program called Your Healthy Mind: An Online Program to Shift Your Lifestyle and Eating to Support a Healthy Brain As You Age. Cost of program is $700. APOE4.info discount of 10% using code: HealthyBrain2019. Course includes 8 weeks of content with expert interview, discussion forum, and weekly Q&A calls.

Other information: I also work as a nutritionist at the GW Center for Integrative Medicine and can order functional labs and testing if needed with insurance coverage, if applicable.