Books, supplements, food stuffs, etc.

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Here we will list where select supplements, food stuffs, books, etc., can be obtained.

Food stuffs

Olive oil

Amphora Nueva

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Amphora Nueva is connected to Veronica Foods, which is advocating for new, much stricter standards for extra virgin olive oil. Amphora Nueva also lists the chemistry and harvest or press date for each of the types of oil they sell.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Kalamata is one of the not too expensive store brands recommended, with caveats, by the website "Truth in Olive Oil" [1]

Note, member Gilgamesh just (2014-03-03) called Trader Joe's Customer Service to get the "translation codes" for turning the best by date into a harvest date, hoping to find out whether the "BB20062115" (= Best By 2015-06-20) on the Kalamata bottles in his store means the oil is from the most recent harvest. He was told best by dates for Trader Joe's olive oil are never more than two years away from the harvest date. Thus, since olives are harvested only in the fall in Greece, that "BB20062115" translates to a very recent harvest (fall of 2013).