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Dr. Dale Bredesen of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging is a scientist who has been studying Alzheimer's disease for 25 years and has come up with a way to reverse it in its early stages. His initial protocol involves 36 different interventions which individually don't make a big difference, but together are quite powerful. Each intervention is tweaked over time by using blood tests, etc. to measure their effect. In his initial paper, nine out of ten patients reversed their memory problems. The one who didn't show improvement was past the early stages of Alzheimer's.

Dr. Bredesen has since expanded the number of patients seen and is in the process of opening up trials to the wider public through MPI Cognition. This page sets out to explain the 36 treatments in simple enough language that untrained people suffering from Alzheimer's (or their caregivers) can begin to implement the easier ones, and work with their doctors or other labs to begin the others.