CRP less than 1.0; A/G greater than 1.8

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The ninth intervention to reverse mild Alzheimer's in the Bredesen Protocol is:

Goal: CRP <1.0 ng/L; A/G ≧1.8 (earlier version of the protocol was > 1.5)
Approach: Anti-inflammatory diet; curcumin; DHA/EPA; optimize hygiene
Rationale: Critical role of inflammation in AD

Your hs-CRP (high-sensitivity C-reactive protein) should be less than 1.0 ng/L. Your A/G (albumin to globulin) ratio should be 1.8 or higher, ideally. These are both used as markers of inflammation.

Optimize diet, and optimize hygiene with regular baths or showers, cleaning under nails, regular tooth-brushing with an electric toothbrush, routine flossing; some like to clean sinuses, as well.


Next Intervention

The next intervention in the Bredesen Protocol is Fasting insulin less than 5; HgbA1c less than 5.6.