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This is a list of biomarker targets that are recommended for testing by Dr. Bredesen in the Bredesen Protocol.

Dr. Bredesen may or may not use the particular testing companies listed below.

Many of these tests can also be ordered by any MD, can be performed at local labs, and will often be covered by insurance.

WellnessFX premium package for $988

7. Homocysteine less than 7

8. Serum B12 greater than 500

9. CRP less than 1.0; A/G greater than 1.5

10. Fasting insulin less than 7; HgbA1c less than 5.5

15. 25OH-D3 = 50-100ng/ml Vitamin D3

Quicksilver Scientific Blood Metals Panel

19. Optimize Zn:fCu ratio 1:1

24. Exclude heavy metal toxicity Evaluate Hg, Pb, Cd

We are looking for a lab for the following:

11. Hormone Balance fT3, fT4, E2, T, progesterone, pregnenolone, cortisol

21. Optimize mitochondrial function CoQ or ubiquinol, a-lipoic acid, PQQ, NAC, ALCAR, Se, Zn, resveratrol, ascorbate, thiamine

Are tests necessary for these?:

18. Optimize antioxidants Mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, Se, blueberries, NAC, ascorbate, a-lipoic acid

Lab tests in the United Kingdom

See a spreadsheet that covers lab tests in the United Kingdom.

Supplement Ordering

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