Recent studies that did not report on APOE status

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What follows is a list of recent studies that could have benefited ε4-carriers had the researchers taken into account APOE status, followed by the results of inquiries sent to the researchers about whether they might have unpublished data on APOE status, or might be planning to take it into account in later work.

<> "Association of Dietary, Circulating, and Supplement Fatty Acids With Coronary Risk" [1] [2]

Researchers' response: - No unpublished data. - No plans to look at APOE in the future.

<> "Dietary intakes of fat and total mortality among Japanese populations with a low fat intake: the Japan Collaborative Cohort (JACC) Study" [3] [4]

Researchers' response: - No response as of 2014-03-24 to inquiry sent by Gilgamesh 2014-03-19 to Wakai (wakai [at]