Scientific support for a diet higher in protein than the RDA

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A Deeper Dive into the Science

According to this paper, Proportions of macronutrients, including specific dietary fats, in prospective anti-Alzheimer’s diet (Marcin Studnicki et al, 2019) protein consumption should vary based on the phase of a person's life. From the conclusions section of this paper,

We predict that the proportions of macronutrients in the diet in four periods of life (youth, early middle age, late middle age, late age) should differ, especially in regard to protein intake. Specifically, we postulate that protein intake in early middle age and late middle age should be reduced by half by comparison to historical consumption in the USA. Conversely, in the late age, the protein intake should be increased above the historical consumption. We postulate that applying these changes in the consumption of protein throughout the whole life of an individual will act prophylactically against development of AD and possibly will extend health-span and the duration of life.